The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

The Dream Is Love

Saturday, November 25, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas
Piper Dellums, co-Host
Dr. Shadiah Ivy Hylton, Guest & Musical Artist
Caressa Ayres, Guest & Musical Artist
Mark & Kim, Guests & Musical Artists
Elder Deborah Guerrero, Special Guest
Free Love, Guest
Maureen Edwardson, Guest
Aditi Nightingale, Guest
Mariah Gannessa, Guest
On Saturday Night, November 25th at 6 pm PST it’s the Return of the DreamR’s. Co-Host Piper Dellums is bringing some of the most dynamic members of her International team to meet the Global Peace Tribe.
Who are they?  Their Dream is to Unite the people of this sacred world. They are responding to these great questions:
How do we heal the great divide between humanity and all of creation? How do we restore the family of man back to love?
What if we could unify cultural wisdom, integrity, and beauty worldwide and locate dreamers around the globe to bring their medicine, wisdom, music, and healing together for the world as one family. 
Our DreamRs aspire to create a world where collective sharing and unity bring about positive change, guided by love, strength, and divine grace. We are playing our roles in this “Awakening World”
This show introduces the DreamRs we missed last time on The Awakening World and the new DreamRs who have joined our mission here in the USA!
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