The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Dream BIG and Get Ready for the RelaxPansion Fest

Friday, May 27, 6pm PT

Saturday, May 28, 6pm PT

Sunday, May 29, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas & Lloyd Barde

Donna DeLory, Norma Burton, Ana Holub


Zarina Kopyrina, Max Ribner, JAMeeSHKA, Joss Jaffe, Katrina Parsons, Michael Allen, Meredith Heller, Pollyanna Bush


Zarina Kopyrina, Shylah Ray, Victoria Markham

When the Pandemic struck, there were so many casualties that impacted us all.  This included our favorite festivals being canceled, as we stayed shuttered inside our homes. This was especially devastating to musical artists who could no longer perform at festivals or most bars, clubs and restaurants.
The Pandemic did give rise to successful online shows such as Saturday Night Alive and The Awakening World!  Now we are delighted that the festivals are coming back and we can enjoy Beloved Musical artists live!
Lloyd Barde is one of the great Champions for Musical Artists!  He has an instinctive gift for providing music for dance, creative movement and healing. He has produced more than 300 independent Concerts with the very top names in current, conscious, kirtan, world, vocal and ceremonial music. 
He is bringing back LIVE MUSIC through the upcoming RelaxPansion Fest taking place in Ashland, Oregon in late June. We are celebrating the return of live events by dedicating THE AWAKENING WORLD shows on Memorial Day Weekend to Lloyd and a dozen of our favorite Musical Artists!  We will also meet and celebrate some of the people behind the scenes that make these festivals happen!
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The Awakening World
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Here are our upcoming themes:

New Season starts!

October 11: Understanding Gender Equality: Staci Shree Weller, Zasha
October 14: PIPER and her HOTEL Dreamr’s: A Spectacular Show

October 18: Ellie Pechet and Deborah Juliette Provide Healing for our Audience
October 21: Favorite Musical Moments from The Awakening World

October 25: Satsang with Beloved TwinRay and Johanna Beekman
October 28: Eden is co-host All Hallow’s Eve / Sacred Samhain

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