Saturday Night Alive
for The Global Peace Tribe

CELEBRATE: Scott’s Birthday, A “Maui Christmas” & The Last SNA Show Of The Year

Saturday, December 25, 6pm – 8pm PT

Replay Available for All That Register

Although it’s been a difficult year in many ways, we are coming together on Christmas Night to CELEBRATE together in Community. Christmas day happens to be Scott’s Birthday, and we have some fun surprises for Scott & our audience. We will be coming to you LIVE from the beautiful Island of Maui, where Scott is visiting some of his dearest lifelong friends.

This includes Kutira Decosterd, who has been a Soul Sister to Scott for over 30 years, and the Internationally famous Musical Artist Raphael. Kutira and Raphael have been married for over 25 years and run the Kahua Institute on the Jungle Side of Maui. Kutira will be co-hosting with Scott (as Debra will be with her family, but will make an appearance). Kutira is a well known Environmental Activist and Dolphin Researcher.

We have invited two of our favorite SNA presenters to provide tools and practices for the Holy Day Season. Greg “Magick” Bernstein has something very special for this show. Also joining us is Ava Park, bringing her spiritual wisdom and compassion for humanity to the Festivities. We will be celebrating YOU…our audience, as this will be a very interactive show!

Raphael’s “Music to Disappear in records” are classics, and he is one of our musical artists. We are also bringing on SNA favorite Johanna Beekman!

Finally, Scott & Debra will reminisce about the past year and make some very exciting announcements about our programming plans for 2022.

Jay Mayer and Light Touch will be providing a special After Show!

Luminaries: Video appreciations & reflections from some of our Favorites including Andrew Harvey, Michael Beckwith & Marianne Williamson

Plus: Kutira Decosterd • Greg “Magick” Bernstein • Ava Park

And: Special drop in guests!

Musicians: RAPHAEL • Johanna Beekman

Hosts: Scott Catamas & Kutira Decosterd