The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Celebrating the Cosmic Christ &
Celestine Star

Saturday, December 24, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

JJ & Desiree Hurtak, Guests
Rev. Matthew Fox, Guest
Elizabeth Kelley, Guest
Rev. Heather Salmon, Guest
Rev. Donny Regal, Guest
Rev. Christy Michaels, Guest
Johanna Beekman, Musical Artist
Omashar, House musical Artist

As we are now in the Holy Day Season, THE AWAKENING WORLD is celebrating many things!  Chanukah, The Solstice, Christmas and Birthdays!  We are giving our own unique spins and expressions, including some wonderful Guests joining us.

On Friday Night, December 23rd, we are celebrating sexuality as a pathway to Peace.  Joining Host Scott Catamas will be several leading teachers for the Global Sex & Healing Summit.  Each of these presenters are wise, loving and joyful.  This summit celebrates people of all ages, races and cultures; blowing up the idea that only young, white people are sexy! 

On Saturday Night, December 24th, we are celebrating Christmas Eve with a wonderful show.  The first half will be exploring the “Cosmic Christ Consciousness”, with JJ & Desiree Hurtak joining us live.  These wise authors have written a new book on the topic, and they will provide a powerful view of the Christ Energy.  We will also hear from Beloved Teacher Reverend Matthew Fox.  

Our live Musical artists include Johanna Beekman & Omashar.

The second part of the show will celebrate the birthday of Celestine Star, our Beloved friend who left her body over the summer.  Dec. 24th was her Birthday, and she celebrated LAST year by doing a full show with Scott & The Global Peace Tribe. We will hear from Rev. Heather Salmon, Donny Regal, Elizabeth Kelley and Christy Michaels.

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Here are our upcoming themes:


Dec 24: JJ & DESIREE HURTAK, Matthew Fox, The Power of Awakening to Christ Consciousness


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