The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Conscious Business as a Force to
Change the World

Saturday, July 30, 6pm PT

Replays Available for All That Regist

HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas & Rev. Deborah Moldow
Scott Catamas, Host
Rev. Deborah Moldow, co-host
Larry Clay, Guest 
Steve Farrell, Guest
Ervin Laszlo, Guest
Peter Matthies, Guest
Linda Bjork, Guest
Steve Bhaerman, Guest
Swami Beyondananda, Entertainment
Tatiana Speed, Musical Artist
Omashar, Musical Artist
This weekend, we are very excited to bring to our audience the opportunity to dive deeper into the powerful work of The Source of Synergy Foundation, which organizes Synergy Circle gatherings. This is part of its mandate to expand synergy among like-minded people seeking to serve the highest good. Many Synergy Circles have been birthed by Evolutionary Leaders choosing to come together among areas of common interest or in local communities.
A Synergy Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle is an independent group of individuals led by two or more members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle who are inspired by the work of the Source of Synergy Foundation (SOSF) and/or its Evolutionary Leaders (EL) project to join together in synergistic engagement. 
Rev. Deborah Moldow, the Director of the Evolutionary Leader’s Network is co-hosting with Scott Catamas on Friday and Saturday Night. Kaeshi Chai and Kristin Hoffman are co-hosting with Scott on Sunday.
On Friday Night, we will have on the show several core members of the Bridging Synergy Circle. In this time of polarization, this circle is needed more than ever! Their purpose is to engage in a deeper inquiry/conversation into what it means to bridge our divides – consciousness, spiritual, cultural, racial, gender, social, political, economic – within ourselves, our communities, our countries, and in the world.
We explore how we as a learning community use this inquiry to catalyze collective action and/or inform the work we do in the world. The synchronicities in our Circle are leading to synergies and the synergies lead to opportunities. We choose to skillfully and collectively act on those opportunities through sub-groups, partnerships, and/or together as the larger Circle.
On Saturday Night, we are honored to have core members from The Conscious Business Synergy Circle. This is a global community of business leaders, grounded in the principles of the Conscious Business Declaration, whose purpose is to empower the transformative potential of business to heal the environment, improve human well-being, and increase economic prosperity for the flourishing of all life on Earth.
Evolutionary Leaders Team that will join us: Larry Clay, Steve Farrell, Ervin Laszlo, Peter Matthies, Deborah Moldow and Linda Bjork.  
There will also be a live presentation with Steve Bhaerman and his alter ego Swami Beyondananda!  Our live Musical Artists will be Tatiana Speed and Omashar.
The Conscious Business World Summit was offered by the Conscious Business Synergy Circle, a joint project of members of Humanity’s Team, the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and UNITY EARTH, March 7-9, 2019. The Circle then produced the first issue of the new magazine imprint Conscious Business HERE.
We conclude this special weekend with the Artists Catalyzing Evolution (“ACE”) Synergy Circle! Their Purpose is to serve as both as a co-inspire zone for Conscious Artists in the ELs and as a place where new creative collaborations can naturally be birthed through the doorway of deepened relationships. While this circle will naturally be comprised of creatives, it can also be a wonderful place for ELs who see The Arts as a powerful and necessary emotion-based vehicle for greater communication, connection and growth. 
Founding EL Organizers: Kristin Hoffmann (liaison) and Kaeshi Chai will be joined by Reverend Rhetta Morgan and Kara Stonehouse.
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