Wednesday Night Edition

Quarterly Community Show featuring YOU Along with Previous Highlights

Wednesday, November 1 at 6:00 pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Omashar, Andrew Cameron Bailey, Maggie Engel

On Wednesday Night, Nov. 1st at 6 pm PDT we are Celebrating our Community:  The Global Peace Tribe.   We are excited to meet Angel Astrologer Maggie Engel, who will do an Astrological Reading on our Community!  She is a wise and delightful spirit who brings great Love to her understanding of the cosmic significance of our Astrology.  
During our Community Celebration shows, we like to spotlight members of our “Tribe”.  On November 1st,  we will experience Andrew Cameron Bailey’s Pop Art Series with Andrew showing his work and taking us into the mind of his Genius.  Of course, his wife Connie will also join us to share about their ventures.
Omashar will provide at least two musical numbers, and Nicholas Thale will be providing the evening meditation.