The Awakening World
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Living a Committed Life of Divine Purpose

Saturday, December 10, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Jennifer K. Hill, Co-host & Guest Commentator
Lynne Twist, Special Guest
Shakti Durga, Special Guest
Dr. Ara Suppiah, Special Guest
Tatiana Speed, Musical Artist
Omashar, House Musical Artist

This weekend on THE AWAKENING WORLD, we are diving deeply into a powerful topic.  How can we live to the fullest of our Divine Purpose?  This theme was inspired by Lynne Twist’s new book which is called “Living a Committed Life”.   Lynne will be joining us live on Saturday Night’s show.
On Friday Night, Dec. 9th, we are starting the weekend with reviewing wisdom from four of our favorite Luminaries from past shows.  You will delight in the power of what Andrew Harvey, Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss and Adam Apollo have to share.   Joining me for co-hosting and commenting is Leah Lovelight Michael, and live music with Omashar.
On Saturday, Dec. 10th, we are excited to have Jennifer K. Hill returning as a co-host and guest.  We will discuss how to best live to the fullest with other live guests including Lynne, Shakti Durga and Dr. Ara Suppiah (Deepak Chopra’s partner).  We have wonderful live music from Tatiana Speed & Omashar, who will also comment on our weekend theme.
On Sunday, Dec. 11th, we are going to have a powerful conversation on a difficult challenge that so many have faced.  How to overcome religious dogma and disillusionment with previous spiritual pathways.   Reverend Temple Hayes and Andrew Jacko are my guests, and both have remarkable personal stories around this issue.
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