Special Sunday Night Edition

Cancer Conquest
Film & Discussion

Sunday, April 14, 7 pm PT

With Scott Catamas, Lori Grace, Dr Floyd Taub

On Sunday Night, April 14th, we will be watching the film “CANCER CONQUEST” and having a discussion afterwards.

Join us at our in-person event located at:

The Sunrise Center, 645 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera, California


by Zoom (registration link is below).

During this evening with Lori Grace and Floyd Taub, MD, Lori will talk about her experiences helping five different cancer patients deal with their cancers and the politics of the American cancer industry.

Here is the link to attend online for the April 14th “Cancer Conquest” event:


Floyd Taub, MD, is a cancer research physician who was instrumental in developing the HPV test. HPV is a causative agent for all cervical cancers and some head and neck cancers. In addition to commenting on the movie, he will speak about an exciting nanodrug that has striking immune stimulatory and anti-cancer activity in human trials, without toxicity. He will speak about his efforts to revive this promising drug candidate that, due to failures of the drug development industrial complex, has been sidelined and how it may be revived.

Lori Grace will comment on the doctors featured in the film, some which are still in business and some which have set up their clinics in Mexico or on Native American Indian reservations due to Big Pharma/FDA control of American drug development.