The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Birthing a New World with Humanity's Team

Saturday, October 15, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas, Host
Steve Farrell, Co-Host
Ken D Foster, Guest
Timothy Noe, Guest
Jacqueline Way, Guest
Dr. RowShanak Hashemiyoon, Guest
Mystical Joyride, Musical Artists
Shawn Gallaway, Musical Artist
Omashar, Musical Artist

The headlines are becoming more ominous each day. We see the realities of Climate Change with hurricanes, wildfires, drought and floods all over the world. Increasing racial tension and a social media civil war. Now the threat of Nuclear War! (Deep Breath) Are we in Apocalyptic times?
The Awakening World is dedicated to providing information and inspiration so that we can take appropriate action! This is an extraordinary time in human history. Now we must come together and raise our consciousness. There are many wise beings who are helping us to prepare and experience Ascension!
On Friday Night, October 14th, we will meet some of the Luminary leaders on the Ascension path. This includes our own Debra Giusti, the co-founder (along with Scott) of the Global Peace Tribe. Scott and his co-host Tanjila will also be speaking with Brandon Strabala and Laurie Wheeler. They are both wise and compassionate leaders with a profound understanding of these times. This is a show to join live so that we can answer any questions that you might have.
On Saturday Night, October 15th, we are having our annual collaboration with Humanity’s Team which is a global non-profit organization focused on helping people throughout the world awaken to the or Oneness of everything in the Universe. They are dedicated to supporting people on their conscious journey so that together we can create a sustainable Earth and flourishing at every level of life. The co-founder Steve Farrell and his core team will be joining us live! We also have two of our favorite musical artists playing live: Mystical Joyride and Shawn Gallaway!
On Sunday, we will be honoring the influence of our spiritual guides and teachers. Reverend Michael Beckwith, Rev. Temple Hayes and Best Selling Author Jonathan Robinson will be sharing who they have been influenced and supported by. There will be a special emphasis on the impact of Paramahansa Yogananda, as both Michael & Temple are bringing his work forward through a new musical premiering next month in Los Angeles.
All shows are hosted and produced by Scott Catamas. Omashar will also be present as House Musical Artist.
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