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Previewing the Bhakti Love Festival

Saturday, August 13, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas
Scott Catamas, Host
Johanna Beekman, Host & Musical Artist
Larisa Stow, Guest & Musical Artist
Donna DeLory, Guest & Musical Artist
Joss Jaffe, Guest
Kenneth Schwenker, Guest
Kamini Natajaran, Guest & Musical Artist
Vaidehl Amiar, Guest
For the weekend of August 12-14, THE AWAKENING WORLD is providing our audience with three more original shows with a variety of wonderful guests and musical artists!
On Friday Night, August 12th, we will dive deep into understanding epigenetics and the impact of “7 Generations Decision Making”. It is scientifically proven that before humans are born, they receive a genetic blueprint going back 7 generations. Our wise indigenous elders teach us to think forward for 7 generations. Now is the time to understand this so you can heal 7 generations forward.  
We are honored to have Chief Phil Lane Jr. joining us, as he is both a wise elder AND one of his Master’s Degrees is focused on epigenetic development. Also joining us will be the delightful and intuitive Crista Mo’orea Collins, whose practice focuses on epigenetics and healing & activating DNA. Scott Catamas will co-host with Trish Wright, returning after a six-week hiatus.
On Saturday Night, August 13th we are celebrating the Bhakti Love Reunion! This exciting festival will be taking place from September 15-18 in central California. The Awakening World is providing this opportunity to meet the founders and many of the star musical artists! This includes Awakening World Favorites Johanna Beekman, Larisa Stow, Donna DeLory, Joss Jaffe as well as some new artists. It will be a very musical night, so get ready to move & groove!
On Sunday morning, August 14th, we will dive deeper into learning what it takes to put together such a festival. Our guests are the two co-founders: Kenneth Schwenker and Johanna Beekman. We will also enjoy live music with Omashar, a meditation with Scott and some special surprise announcements.
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