The Awakening World for
the Global Peace Tribe

The Awakening World for the Global Peace Tribe

The Global Peace Tribe is a series of premier shows under the banner of  THE AWAKENING WORLD.  Each weekend, we will explore a powerful topic of social and cultural importance.

On the Sacred Sunday Show, host Scott Catamas and a key guest or two will interact with our audience in relation to the topic!  We will summarize what action steps can be taken individually and collectively.
This is a ZOOM meeting, so participants can turn their cameras on and interact directly with the presenters! 
On Wednesday Nights and Sunday mornings, we use a Zoom MEETING format so that we can easily interact with our audience. This is a wonderful way that we are building community and connection. On Saturday Nights, we utilize the same entertaining WEBINAR format that our audience enjoyed with SATURDAY NIGHT ALIVE. During all three shows, we will inform and inspire you!