The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission

Saturday, February 10, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Omashar, co-Host and House Musical Artist
Ben Bowler, co-host
Gary Malkin, Guest
Reverend Deborah Moldow, Guest
Tammy Scarlett, Guest
Chief Phil Lane Jr., Guest
Becky Suzik, Guest
Mary Gaetjens, Guest
Tatiana Speed, Guest Musical Artist
Charis Edenhofer, KES Healing Facilitator

On Saturday Night, February 10th at 6 pm pst it’s our annual collaboration with Unity Earth.  Their theme of “Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission” will be explored by several dynamic Luminaries.  We will hear from co-host Ben Bowler, Chief Phil Lane Jr., Reverend Deborah Moldow, Gary Malkin, Tammy Scarlett, Mary Gaetjens and Reverend Becky Suzik.   Tatiana Speed will provide live music, as well as our House Musical Artist Omashar.

We always conclude our Saturday Night show with a K.E.S. Group Healing.  Tonight’s Facilitator is Charis Edenhofer, coming to us from Germany.

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Here are our upcoming themes:

The Month of February is THE MONTH OF LOVE!

Saturday Night, February 24th, we are coming to you live from the San Rafael Enlightenment Expo with co-host Tanjila and her SoulSearch Psychics & TV stars 

Wednesday Night, February 28th, it’s EGYPT REVISITED part 2 with Debra Giusti, The Stargate Experience and Viviane Chauvet

March 2nd, we are having an exciting collaboration with The TwinRay collaboration in Ashland, Oregon. We are re-opening the renovated “HAVEN” after a 2 month winter closure. We have exciting musical guests lined up and special experiences.

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