Wednesday Night Edition

Authors That We Love
(who are living a Purpose Filled Life!)

Wednesday, March 20 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Omashar, Dr. Jude Currivan, Dr. Kurt Johnson,
Doug King, Robert Atkinson, Corinna Angela Winn

On Wednesday Night March 20th, we featured several high-vibe wisdom keepers that have created a pair of important books. We led off with Dr. Jude Currivan, one of the world’s leading cosmologists. What she shared about our planet’s history and future was powerful! She and her colleagues have scientifically proven that our Universe didn’t start with a “Big Bang”. Instead, it began with a BIG BREATH!!!

Jude has collaborated with our longtime friends Dr. Kurt Johnson & Robert Atkinson in creating a free e-book about Humanity’s Awakening! We also met the co-author Doug King.

Our other author is the delightful Corinna Angela Winn. She is the channel writer of Transference: Connect to Your Soul-Self, a reference manual to discover and connect to your Soul-Self. Omashar provided 3 wonderful songs!