Wednesday Night Edition

Happily Married to an
Arcturian Intergalactic Channel

Wednesday, May 31 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Trish Wright, Omashar, Viviane Chauvet,
Peter Benson

On Wednesday Night, May 31st at 6 PM Pacific Time, we are presenting a very unique couple.  Imagine being married to a being from another world who is inhabiting a human body!  Viviane Chauvet is Viviane Chauvet is an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar, published author, international public speaker, creator of the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® – Multidimensional Way of Healing for conscious evolution, advocate for planetary ascension, and owner of Infinite Healing from The Stars LLC. 
Her husband Peter Benson was a normal “mechanic and technician” when he experienced a major awakening which opened up his connection to his Higher Self and the Angelic Realm. He discovered he had angelic origins as part of Archangel Michael’s army of light.  This led to his connection to Viviane and to a new professional direction.  Guided by Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters, Peter was guided on how to put together Tensor technology with palpable healing properties. His research led him to build Tensor rings (all cubits), crystals infused pendants, Merkaba, healing coils, sound frequency amplifiers, PTSD restoratives and more. 
Co-hosts Scott Catamas & Trish Wright will converse with this very unique couple, who represent the future of inter-galactic connection, relationship and contributions to humanity!