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AI: Ethics, Discernment & Spiritual Alignment in an Awakening World

Saturday, August 12, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Debra Giusti, Co-Host
Jonathan Robinson, Guest
Adam C. Hall, Guest
Timothy Noe, Guest
Ismael Perez, Guest
Matthew James Bailey, Guest

The evolution of AI- Artificial Intelligence into our world is one of the most significant issues of our times. Will it give us the freedom to expand our worlds into the true sci-fi reality, as we have seen predicted in the movies? Or does it pose an escalating imminent danger to our society and our world? Or is it both? Who has the power to determine this? What is the Transhumanism Agenda? How does our personal spiritual evolution and ascension process fit into all of this?
We feel that ethics, discernment, and spiritual alignment are the important considerations that must be addressed. We are concerned about the race that the corporations are in to see who will create the most dominant models. On August 12th, Join us for deep conversations and revelations with experts in these fields. We will discuss these topics to provide insights and answers on what decisions you can make for yourself.
Debra Giusti returns to co-host this powerful show, with an all-star lineup of guests. We will have a lively panel discussion.
We will also play some of the popular A.I. musical offerings AND then enjoy a LIVE performance from our Beloveds Fanny and Vagari, also known as THE MYSTIQUES.
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Here are our upcoming themes:

We are putting a special emphasis on tools for awakening consciousness into many of our upcoming shows. We are also doing several collaborations with The Sunrise Center, providing film screenings as “Hybrid” Live experiences.

On June 19th, we will be replaying the conversation we recently had with Marianne Williamson, and discussing this with YOU: our audience

On June 22nd, we are having our monthly collaboration with Tanjila and SoulSearch TV Luminaries. She has lined up John Gray and Dannion Brinkley!  That’s going to be quite a doubleheader!

On June 26th, Pato & Antoinette are returning to The Awakening WOrld to update us on their UBUNTU film, Antoinette’s healing and their adventures around the world.

On June 29th, it’s time for another Festival: EARTHSTOCK which is bringing together Tribal Elders, Musical Artists & Environmentalists.

On July 3rd, we have a fascinating show about the myths and truths of cults, including esteemed presenters such as Danny Sheehan, Patrick McCollum talking with Katrina Vaillancourt about her new book on the subject

Throughout the Summer, we will be bringing you to many of the festivals and live events taking place globally.  We will also continue with film screenings in collaboration with The Sunrise Center

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