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The Global Peace Tribe is a community of people dedicated to personal growth, spiritual awakening, collective transformation and universal peace-building. We cultivate hope, connection and illumination through enlightening media, shows, workshops, special events and community gatherings. The Global Peace Tribe features heartfelt, soul-stirring, awe-inspiring speakers, musicians and entertainers and focuses on uplifting, thought-provoking, and meaningful topics. We are a global community fostering the transition into a more awake, just and beautiful world.

The Awakening World for the Global Peace Tribe

Our Wednesday and Saturday Night Virtual Variety Shows

Discover where over 1,000,000 people have come since the pandemic began for hope, connection and illumination. In a time that continues to present seemingly deeper and deeper challenges, a luminous variety show like no other offers heartfelt, soul-stirring and uplifting wisdom and entertainment EVERY SINGLE WEEK. The Global Peace Tribe presents weekly inspirational virtual variety shows that showcase the brightest leaders and wayshowers of our time. The Awakening World is for conscious, heart-centered, transformational communities to gather online from across the globe for nourishing, soul-inspiring and meaningful talks,


Interviews, Music, Entertainment & More

Interviews, Music, Entertainment & More

The Awakening World
Wednesday Show

The Awakening World
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