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The Awakening World is now on BOTH Friday and Saturday Nights
Formerly STRAIGHT TALK, co-hosts Scott and Trish will continue powerful conversations with our guests exploring the
topic of the week. The shows are now
interactive with our audience.
Sacred Sunday
Join Scott and Friends on Sundays for
Dynamic Conversations, which explore
topic of the week. The shows are now
interactive with our audience
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Join Us for the Spring Season
April to June for 3 shows weekly!

And, announcing our newest show The Awakening World

Join Us for the Current Season April to June for 3 shows weekly!

And, announcing our newest show The Awakening World

Scott and Debra started Saturday Night Alive in response to the Pandemic in April of 2020. What began as a fun online show and a way to stay connected to friends and family, has grown into a Global Community! Over the past 20 months, there have been 90 editions of Saturday Night Alive (never missing a week)! Scott has also hosted STRAIGHT TALK every Friday Night and the SACRED SUNDAYS show.

As we enter the New Year of 2022, we are continuing to tune into our higher guidance as well as the requests from our Global Peace Tribe.

Scott’s guidance is to carry on with 3 shows each weekend with the new Title of THE AWAKENING WORLD. We will choose a theme or topic for each weekend that our Luminary presenters will explore. These shows will continue to include Music & Magic, as we inspire and inform our audiences. We already have commitments and support from many of your favorite presenters, performers and Luminaries.

Debra is in full support of The Awakening World program, but will not be involved with the show on a weekly basis. She is feeling called to support and develop the foundation of the Global Peace Tribe organization. The goal is for Saturday Night Alive to come back flourishing with potentially other new offerings too.

Please register NOW for the Current Season of The Global Peace Tribe, which includes all three shows and select new events! Once you register, you will receive the necessary links and information. Please be generous and consider coming on board as a Collaborator, Associate Producer or Sponsor!


Uplifting Entertainment & Interviews
for an Awakening World

Uplifting Entertainment & Interviews
for an Awakening World

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Join heart-centered change agents on Saturday Night Alive and all our shows. Together with them, we usher in a positive future

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We carefully curate high-vibe music by fabulous musicians who add their music and their musings to the shows each week.

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Extraordinary Entertainers

Our Saturday Night Alive entertainment includes cameo appearances from a panoply of purposeful and potent magicians, storytellers, comedians, and more. 

Executive Producers, co-hosts and founders Debra Giusti and Scott Catamas have decades of experience and add their joy, enthusiasm and love to make the Global Peace Tribe possible.

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