Sonic Source Activation:
Doors of Perception
with Kristin Hoffmann and Cornflower
Sun, Oct 24th, 1PM - 3PM PT

Regular Price $33

Have you been longing to reconnect with, or discover, your creative expression? Are you ready to feel that ecstatic release of emotions as you open yourself to new perceptions?
Music has the unique power to connect us to our deepest emotions so that we can access the Source of who we are and spark our Creative Awakening.
Cornflower and Kristin Hoffmann, both captivating and transformational music guides, will lead you on a two-hour uncharted journey of soulfully charged music. These musical explorations will be seeded by inspiring mystic passages to help catalyze your creative vision, open your doorways of perception and help set your Soul into motion! All you have to do is sign up and show up with an open mind and heart… the rest will happen naturally!
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Saturday Night Alive
Season 7: A Glimpse of Heaven
October – December 2021
Saturdays, 6pm-8pm PDT
Join us in October where we bringing luminaries and entertainers to your living room every Saturday night. Have some fun, get the latest from our enlightened speakers and meet other high-vibe people from the community.
October 16 – Climate Emergency – The Way Forward
October 23 – Honoring Our Body Temple
October 30 – Celebrating Sacred Samhain & All Hallow’s Eve
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